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Ice works very well on Kodachrome provided you are on the kodachrome setting. 6. VueScan Mac is a new system utility that can get any kind of image format scan. Oct 23, 2014 · The VueScan 9 scan utility takes a serious investment of time to learn, but the payoff is getting better output quality out of the scanner you already own. VueScan comes in two versions: the Standard version and the Professional Edition. Well, it was phased out and this is where Paul Simon got the inspiration for the lyrics as I understand it. It has all the necessary functions for a "raw" scanning – no extra image editing functions. Silverfast claims to have a special Kodachome scanning mode. VueScan seems to take a more “canned” approach to image correction and therefore offers you less control… maybe I just don’t know how to use it yet. I have over a thousand of my dad's Kodachrome slides of mountains and rock climbing which I’m preparing for an exhibition. Nikon Scan cannot remove dust and scratches from Kodachrome slides, while VueScan does very well with Kodachrome, using the same Nikon scanner. • Open up VueScan. Jul 12, 2011 · The routine included in Vuescan for doing just that is very good (and probably one of the few, if not the only one, also working with Kodachrome). SilverFast SE / Ai 6. State Park in Utah (Kodachrome Basin State Park) and being tricky to scan. Not hard to do, just play with the settings until you are happy. For 8mm edge codes used after 1965, see the Web site www. 0 or later, you may need to set up the the environment variable LANG to C. Buy a fast computer with a large SSD drive. Creating linear scans of slides and negatives with VueScan Professional Hamrick Software's VueScan Professional is very well suited to create linear scans of slides and negatives since the professional version of VueScan features a special RAW output mode. " VueScan also have a limited but decent automatic file naming and the option to add descriptions to your files before saving them which is quite practical when processing them later. Vuescan is a very powerful program with a lot of settings. We will be making a scan and saving it as a file, so the Task is Scan to file. Log In. This is genuine vintage material, once … - Selection from The VueScan Bible [Book] Jun 07, 2012 · The original is a Kodachrome transparency, which has a very different emulsion type than the various Ektachrome films that came after it. filmforever. Kodachrome transparency film may still be the gold standard in terms of realistic color fidelity, but the level of detail, along with the expansive exposure parameters of digital, make the best of my Kodachrome slides pale in comparison. So just leave it in place. 3gb raw tifs. Does anyone know of a source for a Kodachrome IT8 calibration target? I'd like to build an ICC profile for scanning my Kodachrome slides. I'll try those steps in that order, I guess. com. Apr 13, 2019 · Shooter: 35mm. On my scanner (Plustek OpticFilm 120) VueScan has some times caused the scanner to make weird noises, completely lock up, and all sorts of stuff that requires me to unplug the power to the scanner and restart the computer to get things working again. The Nikon Scan 4 reference manual states "Digital ICE is not recommended when scanning Kodachrome film with the 8000 ED, 4000 ED, or COOLSCAN IV ED. I scan my slides at 3600 dpi and the results are as good as one can expect. VueScan and Kodachrome The biggest problem with scanning Kodachrome is the cleaning. There is typically 1 EV difference between each channel with red being brightest and blue darkest. Silverfast AI Studio IT8 · Digital ICE and Kodachrome? film vs. When VueScan is opened for the first time, this simple panel should open. Oct 23, 2014 · VueScan also offers the advantage over SilverFast of working with any scanner it supports without having to buy a separate version for each scanner. Whilst Vuescan is very good, it cannot do filtering out of lint etc on Kodachrome (it can on other types of slide film). The were 4. Both versions support about 1,200 flatbed and film scanners by accessing the scanner hardware directly at low level (no drivers are needed). The infrared channel used for normal film cleaning methods doesn't work  21 Jul 2017 In a comment on my Slide Scanning Tutorial Video, a viewer asked me if I had ever used Vuescan's RAW file output instead of having Vuescan  14 Apr 2017 Christopher Crawford demonstrates how to scan color slides with Vuescan software. However, in terms of realism the VueScan's highlights were washed out but, in general, it had punchier colours. hamrick. I have been having troubles with scanning Kodachrome with a Nikon Coolscan 5000ED when using Vuescan. It made all the right initialization sounds up to that point and then--nothing. Oct 23, 2018 · Kodachrome is famous for, among other things, being the topic of a Paul Simon song, a U. Using the characteristics of over 200 kinds of film, it can automatically determine the optimal color balance for rapid “batch” scanning of an entire roll of film. See more of Hamrick Software on Facebook. The same workflow and controls can be used with different models and brands of scanners. It puts white halos around the most prominent dust and scratches, ignores smaller blemishes, and blurs sharp edges. They'll tell you how to start using VueSCan, but without something like the VueSCan Bible, you'd never get the best out of the software or your scanner. >I have also been using the Minolta Dimage Dual with Kodachrome 64 >and I have not been very happy with the results. The unmodified scan is  8 Jul 2019 Nikon F3 – AI-S Nikkor 50mm 1:1. The real point of this post is to tell you that Kodachrome is a special case with more or less any scanner so if you have Kodachrome slides then be sure that you ask the right questions. Fixing either color makes the other worse. Jan 26, 2017 · I've used both Epson Scan software, and Ed Hamrick's Vuescan. It is compatible with over 3000 scanners and the outputs scans in a variety of formats. Kodachrome was the film stock of choice for National Geographic photographers back in the 1950s and I can only imagine the issues when reproducing the images for print for the magazine. I have found K64 to be particularly difficult to scan, but with some messing around with the settings, one can get good results. VueScan is an easy program to use, it is largely automatic, and its defaults are preset for the goal of achieving best results with the most accurate color. A excellent alternative to the software that come bundled with a scanner is the program Vuescan that can be used with most USB and SCSI scanners. Aug 31, 2018 · TLDR: nothing comes close but maybe the new Ektachrome will come closest. Nov 30, 2016 · However, my experience of using the infrared clean feature of VueScan has been superb, including dust removal from Kodachrome slides. I do have a small number of Fujichromes and the colors of those rendered by Vuescan are acceptable. The best scanners for Kodachrome were the last generation of Nikon Coolscan ED film scanners. I get better results than from Nikon Scan, and before I moved to VueScan I tried SilverFast which I thought was truly awful. This powerful yet affordable program  Je scanne avec Vuescan, aurais je meilleurs résultats avec Nikon Scan ? Vincent . Re: Help Scanning Kodachrome slides Author: ssloansjca It is important to view the histogram of the slide when you do a preview and then adjust your scan so the highlights and/or the shadows are not getting clipped. Vuescan on Linux Very fast, but since it relies on the 32-bit iScan driver, has the same size limitation. 3gb in size, but saves at 1 gb because it reduced the dpi resolution by 50%, it just happens on random files. Vuescan does a nice job on older Kodachromes I have from '74 and '75, which were affected by heat after living and working for six months on a project in Bangladesh. * An SP westward freight ascends the east slope of Donner Pass near Shed 47 above Donner Lake west of Truckee, California. e. I had not, so I Apr 30, 2017 · On the Filter tab, you can leave Light or Medium restoration using the infrared channel in place with VueScan, even for silver based B&W film. Take time to get used to the driver window settings and behaviors and do lots of tests for results that fit your workflow. He uses the Nikon LS-8000ED scanner, but the settings he show you in this tutorial should work fine with most Jul 21, 2017 · In a comment on my Slide Scanning Tutorial Video, a viewer asked me if I had ever used Vuescan's RAW file output instead of having Vuescan save my scans as standard TIFF files. Dec 10, 2007 · Flickr is almost certainly the best online photo management and sharing application in the world. 00, and $79. VueScan is a computer program for image scanning, especially of photographs, including negatives. Nov 29, 2009 · Apparently there is a software called "VueScan" that has a Kodachrome setting on it that does a pretty bang-up job of correctly scanning (or post-processing) Kodachrome slides, so you might give that a shot. This has never happened in Silverfast. Kodak and Fuji also make these, but they charge a fortune, and a guy in Germany also makes ok ones for reasonable prices: Wolf Faust Affordable IT8 Targets but we recommend LaserSoft as the best/most reliable supplier and this is where we get our own targets. Jul 28, 2019 · The leading candidates appear to be VueScan and SilverFast - the first affordable, the second decidedly pricey. And with the resurgence of film, programs like Vuescan play a very important part in creating digital files for todays industry. Sep 04, 2017 · I have a coolscan (Nikon) and still use it from time to time. 03 works with Windows 7, but it sucks. Dec 07, 2017 · VueScan offers me a high degree of control, but I’ve found requires a bit of practice and experimentation to obtain the best scans. 2016 So scanne ich mit Vuescan meine analogen Negative ein. It is a commercial program available from www. Also, do not use a black and white negative or a Kodachrome slide yet. Unfortunately the hardware doesn't support panoramic scans. In 2002 they phased out Kodachrome 25. The Scan Image Enhancer feature is only available for Nikon's newer Scanners. . I borrowed a second 5400 from a friend; scanned approximately three slides and kaput. Unfortunately, the only new Kodachrome targets produced these days seem to be from Lasersoft and run 599 Eur. Vuescan is a very powerful scanning program and the only scanning product that works under multiple operating systems (Windows, Mac OS, and Linux). But the other issue is that scanning a color negative is a highly subjective undertaking, and no two operators will make the same decisions. In addition you can install it on up to four PC’s. It has flexible licensing and can be used on up to 4 different computers. This book fixes that problem - it's the "missing manual", and in this case the manual really is missing. Each particular scanner will produce slightly different color. ) Silverfast also have Kodachrome IT8targets. Any feedback would be greatly appreciated. Having done all that - picture to your liking, dust and scratches removed - it is time to save the picture. This film had been freezer-stored, so it's green-light to shoot all my old Kodachrome in the next couple of weeks before Dwayne's gives up processing Kodachrome at the end of December 2010. digital, ie. For really colortrue results it needs a scanner calibration , and therefore, LaserSoft Imaging is offering special Kodachrome targets since the beginning of 2009. But we offer not only film scanners but also accessories and everything you Aug 10, 2019 · Kodak Scanza. Or it is used when the life of the scanner needs to be increased. The controls are divided into several tabs. Note that Kodachrome slides tend to be quite contrasty, so you may need to play around with the curve or black-point settings to get an optimum result. Note (November 2012): After nine years, my FS4000 broke down in July 2012. The roll had expired in June 1986; I just thawed and shot it. This is a good tool to scan the size of the file. Silverfast also have Kodachrome IT8targets. org. Scanning often produced rather weird results, so much so that Silverfast has its own special scanning preset for Kodachrome. Download VueScan today to see why 10 million people have used it to get the most out of their scanner. " VueScan is the world's most widely used software interface for digitizing film and prints on flatbed and film scanners. For me, that is acceptable. Kodachrome scans without bluecast, dust and scratches - with SilverFast By implementing improved Kodachrome routines into SilverFast Version 6. Of course, it only does 35mm, so not much help if you use 120 film or larger. 25 inch B&W negatives. The Classic Film Preset Collection for Lightroom provides the chance to transform the look and feel of old film into our today´s technological possibilities. MickLL Sep 28, 2018 · There are exceptions, such as Vuescan or Silverfast, of course. It offers analog photographers the best of all worlds, with incredible image quality and gorgeous colors from their negative scans in a faster, easier workflow. Jan 12, 2018 · Hello all - I’m new here. LaserSoft’s new Kodachrome IT-8 target, used to profile my scanner using SilverFast and its IT-8 utility, made it possible to scan this image to reproduce the full range of values with good detail from highlights to shadows, as well as replicate accurately the unique color interpretation only Kodachrome offers. It supports three slide formats and includes an international power adapter, which is especially useful for analog photographers who travel a lot. 3 Nikon Scan; 5. If you've got something different, choose Kodachrome for K14 process slides, and Ektachrome for E6 slides. As part of the Archive Suite and our lossless RAW data concept, SilverFast saves your slides, filmstrips, Kodachrome pictures and fotos, with all data that can be captured, as RAW data image files. Dec 22, 2013 · VueScan has batch processing capabilities that may be useful when scanning many items with the same size, exposure, and location on the scanning bed. When I pointed out that the Kodachrome Hamrick VueScan Ed Hamrick’s VueScan is high-powered scanning software for a over 1,600 film and flatbed scanners from Minolta, Nikon, Canon, Hewlett-Packard, and others. Ed Hamrick updates his software almost daily it seems and will address any problems that you have on a one to one basis. I was wondering if someone could give me some tips in scanning Kodachrome 64 slides using a Minolta Scan Dual II film scanner. Juni 2018 Bilder (Ektachrome, Kodachrome, Farbnegativ) mit meinem Diascanner DigitDia6000 und SilverFast und VueScan ins "Roh"format gescannt. Scanning Kodachrome Films The scanning of framed slides (positives) and negative films belongs to the standard tasks of every filmscanner. or I shot a roll of Kodachrome 64 and sent it to Dwayne's for processing and scanning in November 2010. He said to try using the "Image" mode instead of "Transparency. VueScan is mainly used for MAC scanning files, and Windows is easy. Sep 28, 2018 · DSLR Film Scanning: The Secret to Perfect Color Negatives. VueScan is the main execution of your VueScan is very good software, but the help screens are woefully thin. It’s sort of a gamble whether VueScan will clean a given Kodachrome slide on a given scanner. One of the advantages of Vuescan is it is not tied to your scanner, so when you change this you don't need to buy a new license as you do with Silverfast. VueScan was the irst scanning sotware ever to provide sophisticated features, like RAW data scanning functionality, that live up to their promise. They just aren't as sophisticated as SilverFast or VueScan when it comes to color and our Kodachrome slide of gorgeous Maserati at the CanoScan 9000F. 5 Dec 2019 You can get Kodachrome, and Ektachrome, when you select that you're scanning Slides instead of Negatives. In my experience VueScan doesn't work  4 Sep 2017 Many people use Vuescan as the controlling software for scanners. This is Nikon Imaging Website. However, note that the colors will only be accurate if you use an IT8 camera target (like the one produced by Wolf Faust) and if you use VueScan's "Profile|Profile scanner" command to create an ICC file for your camera. Two scans are made with different settings and combined into a single file. Use the Photography Feedback forum to have your photos reviewed by fellow photographers and get feedback on ways to improve them. This makes one important ability of VueScan is to save the consumer replacement cost over buying new scanner equipment. My computer is a win7 64 bit with 16GB of ram. VueScan scanner software is meant when the scanner is not supported by the new Operating System. Dec 10, 2009 · Yours truly on duty at Fort Sam Houston 1945 - caught on Kodachrome, scanned with a Nikon CoolScan IV, VueScan software with Digital Ice A quick google of "Digital ICE and Kodachrome problems" yielded this page which has folks who relate problems with ICE and Kodachrome and others who do not. This is not an issue if your slides are thoroughly clean before scanning. 95$ for the entry level one but then you get no film scanning) and it is one license for as many scanner models as you want. Unfortunately, VueScan’s infrared cleaning of Kodachrome doesn’t seem to work at all with my current Plustek 7600i. 13 Feb 2008 5. Apr 22, 2003 · Dust removal with VueScan. less any scanner so if you have Kodachrome slides then be sure that you  VueScan is the world's most widely used software interface for digitizing film and prints on flatbed and film scanners. Input At the bottom of every section, there is Options. If you're using Red Hat Linux 8. Buy an IT8 target slide for better color-and use the auto calibrate function in Silverfast. VueScan is an application for Windows, Mac OS X, and Linux that is compatible with over 2800 scanners from 35 scanner manufacturers. VueScan. I use Vuescan and think it easy and excellent. (The reference to Kodachrome in posting #1 may be connected with the use of Silverfast software which can have problems with Kodachrome slides. , pixel shift) capability, which results in effective 40–60mp files, but for slides and B&W films over 32 ASA I've not found this to be worthwhile. It supports optical character recognition of text documents. 00 for the Pro version. 1 Epson Scan; 5. If you  29 Apr 2018 (All default - except Kodachrome profile) OUTPUT Raw File 48 bit RGB Raw save film - YES Raw DNG format - YES The preview looks fine  15 Sep 2015 itself, but also usable with any scanning software that offers IT8 calibration - including Vuescan. Tracking the Light is Daily! Nov 30, 2016 · However, my experience of using the infrared clean feature of VueScan has been superb, including dust removal from Kodachrome slides. Otherwise, what you're doing is pretty much the best people have been able to do Vuescan - Multiple Exposure Mode Some time ago Silverfast added a multiple exposure mode to increase the dynamic range it could extract. Nov 15, 2017 · On Kodachrome 25 it’s just noticeable on the most demanding slides. This powerful yet affordable program supports over 1500 scanners and 321 digital camera RAW file types, and is available for Mac OS X, Windows, and Linux. Here is what I have found for scanning kodachrome slides: Nikon Scan 4. Regarding the film type settings… I left them as the defaults and got great results with Kodachrome. Great for projection but at the same time, quite frustrating when trying to digitise it. But then, you could have started from there, skipping the RGBI format all together. Here you can find scanners for digitising your slides, negatives, APS films, film rolls, medium format images etc. That degree of consistency is not common for historical scanning but could be useful in certain situations such as scanning documents with many similar pages. Also watch our video tutorial on creating linear scans with Vuescan. ScanSpeeder VueScan is an application for Windows, Mac OS X and Linux that replaces the software that came with your scanner. FWIW, I asked Ed Hamrick, the author of VueScan. g. I remembered I had an old roll from around 2009 that though exposed never made it to Dwayne's in time before the last rolls were developed. Are the results with Silverfast so much better than with VueScan, to make me want to spend more for Silverfast than for VueScan? I have at least twenty thousand (or more) 35 mm Kodachrome slides (before culling) to scan so Kodachrome scanning is a key issue for me. Increase the quality of your slide and negative scans from VueScan Professional with ColorPerfect! Find out more about how to scan with VueScan. Show off your favorite photos and videos to the world, securely and privately show content to your friends and family, or blog the photos and videos you take with a cameraphone. With the advent of scanners, prints easily made the transition to digital. Version of 12/22/2013 . März 2018 Die Einstellungen. VS does absolutely everything I want and is very flexible. Kodachrome is a very contrasty film stock. A bit out of my price range for an item I'll use once and then file after the slides are scanned. If it seems difficult to use, you're likely diddling too much, trust it more, try the defaults. Craft Magazine. Ilford XP2 is also available. SilverFast is available for Mac and Windows and is usable as a stand-alone software, as well as a Photoshop plug-in. Bonjour, Ne changez pas de logiciel. 13 months after (previous MeFi thread) Kodak announced they were discontinuing production of Kodachrome, the final Kodachrome roll made by Kodak has been processed by Dwayne's Photo Service, in Parsons, Kansas—the only Kodachrome processor left in the world. Jul 21, 2016 · On OS X, VueScan is required to get decent scans from the OpticFilm 135 but even on Windows, it promises to be a vast improvement over QuickScan Plus if only because it will allow you to profile the scanner accurately and use multiscanning for slides. Vuescan seems to work but it does not seem to make as nice of a scan as the Nikonscan produced. Apr 14, 2017 · Christopher Crawford demonstrates how to scan color slides with Vuescan software. 2. 6 it's finally possible to achieve high-quality scans of Kodachrome slides with the highest possible Dynamic Range, color calibrated and free of bluecast, dust and scratches. 4 – Kodak Kodachrome 64 to use the universal scanning software called VueScan, the second is to modify  Color Management *boosts* blue and *cuts* red (you want exactly the opposite for Kodachrome). I always scan using multi-sampling to reduce noise a bit more. 4 Canon Digital All of the 110 slides scanned were either Kodachrome or Ektachrome film. Kodachrome Aufnahme war, scharf und gut schon 40 Jahre vor DSLRs. Silverfast don't say if the target is actually on Kodachrome or not. Using the FS4000 (with Vuescan) confirms my feelings that the V850 handles dynamic range noticeably better in a single scan, although the FS4000 has a naturally crisper output. Vuescan taugt, ich hab paar tausend Dias damit gescannt, mit diesem Magazin-Scanner (6 Wochen ausgeliehen, lief Tag und Nacht. VueScan is the only viable option for using this scanner with 64-bit Windows (or with Macintosh OS X or Linux). VueScan has preliminary support for raw scan files for the digital cameras in the following list. Like all features said to "optimize" or "enhance" images this option will wreack havoc on linear negative scans, so make sure it's disabled. DO not use infrared dust removal for kodachrome slides-it does not work properly. I have one and only use the Nikon provided software. - everything concerning positives or negatives. 6 Scanner Software scores with improved features: 64bit HDRi, Multi-Exposure, iSRD, IT8 Scanner Calibration and ICC Printer Calibration, Kodachrome Features, Auto-Frame, Auto Hamrick VueScan now supports the FS4000US, including full support for FARE infrared dust removal. Initial tests with slides seemed promising so I moved on to attempting to test scanning the 2. Mar 29, 2019 · Prints were developed on a sheet of photo paper, while slides were small, transparent pieces of film in a cardboard sandwich. For Kodachrome slides the LS-9000 alone supports this feature. For scanning film, Vuescan has a BATCH SCANNING mode that allows you to scan multiple images at once. Standard Option: This option is always displayed except when Input | Bits per pixel is set to 1. Jun 06, 2019 · Silver card stock can be used to turn a standard flat bed scanner into a film scanner. Dec 14, 2004 · The Nikon film scanners, or at least my Super Coolscan 4000, offers a special scanning mode for Kodachrome. B. May 17, 2012 · The problem is that much of it is dated and VueScan has been improved, and so has LR. SilverFast Multi-Exposure. Vuescan is one of the most powerful scanning softwares available today. MickLL Vuescan Professional has the unique ability of producing RAW scans and has many film colour profiles including kodachrome. Note though that Vuescan is best used by those with some familiarity with computer programs and scanners (it has lots of bells and whistles). Here is a link to their information. He uses the Nikon LS-8000ED scanner, but the settings  To mount or not to mount? Tell me about silverfast and color · Vuescan IT8 vs. Bonjour ! Je suis sous windows 10 , je viens d’acheter un scanner canoscan 9000F Mark II et je ne sais pas faire fonctionner le logiciel vuescan ! Le logiciel s’installe , je sais le lancer mais quand je demande de scanner le scanner se lance pendant 2 secondes puis s’arrête et je n’ai pas de photo qui s’affiche ? ture film. It gets the file and allows you to scan an image. Vuescan's Kodachrome setting works pretty good to remove the blue-cast, but I think there is still room for improvement. I shot a roll of Kodachrome 64 and sent it to Dwayne's for processing and scanning in November 2010. • Click the Advanced button. Jun 07, 2012 · The original is a Kodachrome transparency, which has a very different emulsion type than the various Ektachrome films that came after it. Fuji film uses a four-digit code; the first two numbers repre- This online shop is the only shop in the internet dealing exclusively with film scanners and accessories. When looking at the reflection in my son's eye, you can see loads more detail in the Nikon Scan. 7 Mac 2020 Keygen With Crack Full Version. Of course, Kodachrome could be a PITA. VueScan costs $39. Don't waste time as it crashes when using the automatic feeder and it really screws up on kodachrome when there are highlights right next to deep blacks. A different scanner in some cases might be marginally better, but not much. Many people fall foul of its myriad features and options – it can be quite daunting when you first start the software and begin to explore the different option pages. In dieser Anleitung demonstriere ich meine Einstellungen und Konfiguration. Vuescan is rendering scans in about 45 seconds. Achieving good scans with just Vuescan is not an easy thing to accomplish. 2 VueScan; 5. 09 scanning software. It wasn’t the mechanical failure that I had expressed concern about in my review, but an electronic failure. Interesting. I use the Nikon software for Kodachrome 64 and VueScan for Kodachrome 200 for its better grain and noise controls. No matter what software I used--Silverfast, Minolta, VueScan--the slide holder would not engage and enter the device. In this case, you would have the equivalent of a camera Raw file. Then for some reason, I do a scan with same settings, file shows it should be 4. Compatible with over 2500 different scanners, VueScan is known for its versatility and is often used by scanner owners who have older equipment that they do not wish to discard. The infrared channel used for normal film cleaning methods doesn't work properly with Kodachrome or conventional B&W films. Vuescan Professional has the unique ability of producing RAW scans and has many film colour profiles including kodachrome. I think it has to do with the cyan dye having a pretty narrow spectral density and scanners don't play nice with it. One of the main attractions of that Nikon scanner, apart from 4,000 dpi scan resolution, was the ICE software that used an infrared scan to make dust particles disappear, and could make color corrections etc. The Nikon Scan looked muted compared to the VueScan. And it runs on Mac, Windows and Linux computers Mar 29, 2019 · Prints were developed on a sheet of photo paper, while slides were small, transparent pieces of film in a cardboard sandwich. S. VueScan is the world's most widely used software interface for digitizing film and prints on flatbed and film scanners. One is not generally supposed to get a good cleaning and scratch repair using infrared with silver based B&W (or Kodachrome) but VueScan does a superb job even in these cases. Slides, on the other hand, are more problematic, and don't readily take to the scanner. With this setting enabled VueScan scales the output of each colour channel so that they are roughly the same. Many of them are over 20 years old and some go back to the late 50s early 60s and carry the evidence of their age in that there are hairs One of the features of VueScan is that it works on so many scanners and platforms,the SilverFast software is designed to work only with the scanner it was made for I have heard. For very fine grain B&W film it's worthwhile to use the Olympus's multishot (i. Because the Kodak Scanza can be fed continuously, it makes quick work of a pile of film. VueScan gives >better results than the bundled s/w, but the results are still not >very good. Kodachrome (code KL) was introduced in 1935 at ASA 10. ages ago Lars Kleiner says: So does VueScan which is compatible with the Epson. Kodachrome Features. 4,000-dpi true optical-resolution scanning, 14-bit A/D converter incorporating 16-/8-bit output for vivid images Dec 31, 2013 · The Scan Elite is a pretty good film scanner (cost me $1085 several years ago) and Vuescan gets even more out of it. Apr 07, 2008 · Epson V700 and V750 scanners include Epson Scan software, and also SilverFast ( a professional scanning software), but I bought VueScan for its ease of use and scan quality. There is a Kodachrome automatic adjustment when scanning transparencies. VueScan contains sensitometric data for 200 types of negative film and 4 types of slide film. Dec 14, 2004 · Yes Kodachrome has a different set of dyes than other slides. I understand that at one time Kodak stated that they had no intentions of phasing out Kodachrome 10. Oct 23, 2014 · The VueScan 9 Professional Edition scan utility takes a serious investment of time to learn, but the payoff is getting better output quality out of the scanner you already own. But one thing that drives me crazy is that even with VueScan's Kodachrome profile, my old 1970s slides scan a bit green/cyan in the shadows, and a bit magenta in the mid to upper midtones. I shoot mostly Ilford HP5+ @ box speed and pushed @ 800 @ 1600 and Kodak Tri-X at the same ISOs and in lesser extend I shoot some color, only the cheap stocks like Fuji c200 and Agfa Vista 200. VUESCAN集成了200类负片、4类反转片的暴光数据,如果你要扫描其它类型的反转片,请选择Kodachrome用于K14工艺的反转片,选择Ektachrome 用于E6工艺的反转片。 I scanned several files at 6300dpi, 48bit rigb color slide output to 48 bit rgb and files saved fine. My major problem was when I moved from WinXP to Win10, but Epson's latest Scan software works without problem. Nov 23, 2014 · In the article it was mentioned that some photos were taken with Kodachrome and processed as Black and White. Kodak repeated symbols every 20 years, so you will need additional data to pinpoint the date. It uses a two pass method, with certain alignment issues. ), I can  To begin, you are able to choose from Print, Photo, Negative, Kodachrome, and Slide as Kodachrome and Slide are separated, as Kodachromes are notoriously I think it would be more correct and useful to review it compared to VueScan. lobsterseason capeislander lobstertrap novascotia southshore winter ice vuescan kodachrome nikonf3 nikkor novascotiaslideshow   7. VueScan understands the difference, and once it is set to Kodachrome (notice that I have not yet done that in the controls), the color is quickly corrected. I also got an IT8 target for Kodachrome which has improved the quality of KC scans. And in every film scanner in which it is possible to put in a common slide it is also possible to put a framed Kodachrom-image and scan it as a normal positive. VueScan automatically names the files sequentially with the date as the prefix of the file name. VueScan 9. This works when all of the frames you want to scan are on the same strip of film. Our first product was VuePrint, an easy to use JPEG viewer for Windows that for many years was the recommended image viewer for AOL, with more than 100,000 users. Previously I used Nikonscan but when I try using that the scanner now locks up. " He also suggested using the Kodachrome IT-8 target to calibrate the scanner--VueScan has a calibrate feature which uses these targets. VueScan's interface isn't easy to master and conflicting settings, If you want to scan your negatives, then you'll need a scanner, but you'll also need software, VueScan is constantly updated so that it works with the latest PCs and Macs. Dec 31, 2013 · Scanning Torture (or Learning to Love Your Digital Camera) Over the last 3 months I have been scanning a bunch more of my old 35mm slides and negatives using my Minolta Dimage Scan Elite F-2900 film scanner and Vuescan scanning software. For instance, to run VueScan with this set, type: Mar 14, 2020 · Kodachrome Features. Even though our IT8 target was Ektachrome instead of Kodachrome, it still measures how the scanner deviates from known values. Vuescan automatically detected the film was Kodachrome Type K14 and set the parameters accordingly. The film itself was introduced by Kodak in 1935 but was discontinued in 2009 and nearly all processing of the film stopped in 2010. Kodachrome,Ektachrome oder anderen Filmhersteller wählen. 95$ for the full version (39. VUESCAN集成了200类负片、4类反转片的暴光数据,如果你要扫描其它类型的反转片,请选择Kodachrome用于K14工艺的反转片,选择Ektachrome 用于E6工艺的反转片。 Sort your slides by type-kodachrome, ektachrome, fujichrome, etc. Login Join for Free Home Therefore we have implemented generic Kodachrome ICC-profiles for many supported film scanners in SilverFast 6. Vuescan's Mac and Windows versions are identical, so these settings work on either OS. In VueScan's case, you can specify the DNG format, which would incorporate the defect removal processing while deferring the image processing (if you choose). Tips In Scanning Kodachrome 64 Slides Discuss equipment, techniques, digital editing, photography related news and events, spotting tips and locations. I typically scan Kodachrome 25 slides at 4000 dpi (dots per inch) and then output as a Tif file to obtain the greatest amount of data. The problem I am having is that while Kodachrome 25 scans beautifully (maybe not like a true drum scanner but poster size prints are not a problem) K64 slides with much contrast can cause a lot of headaches. Vor allem bei Dias kann man auch bei Vuescan zwischen z. Forums / Digital Imaging / Dust removal with VueScan I've read quite a few reports by people who tried the IR channels in ICE and FARE on Kodachrome and found that Apr 21, 2008 · Hamrick Software’s VueScan is perhaps the most flexible and powerful piece of scanning software available to photographers today. The only film I am aware of that does not play well with ICE is black and white negatives. Fortunately Vuescan and Silverfast scanning software both support the IR channel and use it to remove dust and scratches. But we offer not only film scanners but also accessories and everything you VueScan uses the CyberView X libraries to control the scanner. Dec 22, 2013 · Guidance on Using Scanning Software: Part 2. Both versions support Although we’re going to save our scans as RAW files it’s important to keep VueScan’s Media setting configured to ‘Color Negative’. One thing I don't like is that there is no manual focus possibility; that's probably a characteristics of flatbeds, but still I'd like to ensure a proper focus on the essential area of the image. For photographers who still love shooting analog film (like myself), DSLR Film scanning holds incredible promise. Dez. Nov 17, 2009 · I have to say that the learning curve is steep, and I can't get any better results than I do with Vuescan, having calibrated the scanner using a Kodachrome reference slide. This version adds a few things over the standard version, but is geared for professional photo work. 17 May 2012 the best workflow with Vuescan for DNG/TIFF output in order to use Lightroom Here is what I have found for scanning kodachrome slides: 9 Jan 2020 My Minolta Dimage Scan Elite 5400 II scanner works fine w/ Vuescan Looking back at previously scanned slides (Kodachrome 64, e. I had not, so I Apr 13, 2019 · Shooter: 35mm. Still, it’s worth letting it make that infrared scan pass. 30 different Presets help us to create the most popular colour negativ-, positive as well as black and white films of bygone times. I'm using Linux mostly so i downloaded a vuescan trial to give it a try along with Darktable. Sunset over Blueberry Bay. This online shop is the only shop in the internet dealing exclusively with film scanners and accessories. I can use either the Minolta software of VueScan. Changez de film ! 8. The software can be downloaded and used free of charge, but adds a watermark on scans until a license is purchased. I find that the image is rather dull and the yellows are >muddy, while the reds are more a sort of light maroon, as compared Mar 04, 2018 · I'm trying to test using VueScan running my older Epson4870 Photo Scanner for my big project. If you look at the spectral dye density curves of Kodachrome in tech pub E55 and compare it to any of the Kodak E6 films you'll see pretty large differences. Here are the steps I’ve done and the results Input tab Professional scan to file Transmissive media – Kodachrome slide (K14) Kodachrome films are color transparency films that have been on the market for more than half a century. Unfortunately, this method doesn't work on Kodachrome or black and white film. If you have old negatives or slides that you want to preserve digitally, you probably already know that just throwing them on your flatbed scanner won't work. May 06, 2015 · VueScan is quite reasonably priced at 89. VueScan can be used with virtually any scanner and multiple scanners can be used with the license for one copy of the program. 13 Apr 2019 Never have used VueScan so cannot compare. Those values may not include all Kodachrome values but they paint the picture: Also, do not use a black and white negative or a Kodachrome slide yet. To date your film, find the film’s edge code and select the matching code on the chart. The trouble is that the colors are most often not near the original and the color preference options in Vuescan are not acceptable for Kodachrome not even close. Tips and Troubleshooting: Don’t forget that the scanner arm needs space to come out!! In all the scanning I’ve done I’ve accidentally set something in the way of the slide arm. About VueScan and Hamrick Software Hamrick Software was founded in 1991 by Ed Hamrick. Jul 21, 2016 · Kodachrome is a bit trickier to scan than Ektachrome, with scans that often appear blueish. Had to scan over 200 Kodachrome using Silverfast for an artist friends book, and the scans  Color Transparency Film Scanning with Vuescan Tutorial The Infrared Clean does NOT work with Kodachrome film, and should be turned off when scanning  If you take the same picture with Kodachrome and Ektachrome film and then scan them with the "Slide film" setting, VueScan will try to make the resulting scan  24 Mar 2012 The biggest problem with scanning Kodachrome is the cleaning. By capturing RAW files of my slides and negatives, Nov 15, 2017 · On Kodachrome 25 it’s just noticeable on the most demanding slides. Jul 21, 2017 · In a comment on my Slide Scanning Tutorial Video, a viewer asked me if I had ever used Vuescan's RAW file output instead of having Vuescan save my scans as standard TIFF files. Yesterday I scanned this 30 year Kodachrome 25 slide using a Nikon Coolscan5000 operated with VueScan 9. Final Kodachrome produced and processed. Not that I'm ungrateful, of course! Nikon Scan is, IMHO, an unfinished product that doesn't get the best out of any slides, but it does a reasonable job with Kodachrome. There's also a thread for showing some of your old Kodachromes. This is a good starting basis. To create suitable scans you first have to select the input tab and to choose either slide or color negative from the media pulldown list. Both VueScan and SilverFast can save a scan in a format that postpones processing Creating an ICC profile for Ektachrome and Kodachrome on your slide  27. I researched on-line how to process it. VueScan . Kodachrome 25 slide. Vuescan has added a multiple exposure mode that works differently. vuescan kodachrome

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