A knock suddenly interrupts your dancing. The PD’s question had come as a shock to you though and caught you off guard for a moment. She cheated on him like a dog & will do it again – just watch. You looked at him puzzled as you saw him walking to your closet and pulling out a Yn gets cheated on by her boyfriend and Jungkook just happens to see. A waitress went over to your table. :) I also wrote my sentence for every picture, so let me know what kind of scenarios these sentences Also I’m not an Army so I would gladly want to know what you guys think of this ! Since I don’t follow the group I don’t Perhaps have info that you guys might have . ” You tilt your head into the palm of your hand as you yawn, while Mark put his hand over your mouth to cover your yawn. You’re a weak man. “I don’t wanna talk about this. Request: I was wondering if you could do a BTS reaction to coming out as a lesbian to them? It wasn’t specified if you were already dating the boys when you told them this or if you’re just friends so I’m gonna do a mix of both! You guys would be the uber cute couple that everyone would envy. You wanted to punch him, probably kill him with your bare hands, but that one small moment with him, alone. I cried 50 times now. I hope you guys like it. rapmonster, jin, j-hope. ” Jimin. He loved the love you gave him way too much. Namjoon talked to you asking you, to give Jeongguk another chance. And I forgot to publish it, and my laptop shut down from overheating, and it was all lost. “No, I do it every night,” you reminded him, holding your hand out to help him up. I grunted in respon BTS: he compares you to his ex [Hyung Line] comparing me to your ex who cheated on you with your sunbae, not once but actually had an affair with him for a whole V: You decided to surprise him with Call of Duty: Ghosts, which he couldn't get for some reason, but whatever, you got it for him anyways. He waited until you You kept thinking about him non-stop, you couldn’t do your work. While all of our works can be enjoyed by themselves, some are part of our headcanon universe and an ongoing story line & although some of these fics are written from the readers perspective, we imagine them taking place with their girlfriends (original characters). You both made time for each other for an at-home date, where you He Thinks You Cheated On Him With Someone From Monsta X (BTS) I thought I would post a reaction before I go on vacation for you guys. When your attention was on anything else, he wouldn’t help but feel a bit cheated. anonymous- can I please have a Jimin angst where he’s been cheatingg and we get into an argument and I leave him, thank you x ———————————————-This was the fifth time this week where Jimin missed my calls and ignored my texts. See more ideas about Bts scenarios, Bts and Bts memes. The first time you looked at Jin since you walked into the house and the last time you ever wanted to. Namjoon thinks he does. “Do you want some recommendations?” Her voice was high-pitched and she only had her eyes on Jungkook. “…Hey. He looked at you with bloodshot red, swollen, and teary eyes. He would pull of his jacket and give it to you and then pull you in a thigh hug, giving you all the warmth he owns. After a whole album played by, you grew curious as to why he wasn’t home yet. Originally posted by heoljimin. Fuck you. But then you saw him hip thrust. Until you heard giggles coming from the swings you and Baekhyun met. this is pretty much all sub!bts with some ppl who break thru. . ” You stared at him, feeling extremely conflicted. I don’t know what came over me that night… But whether I was drunk or not, that doesn’t mean anything. Jun 22, 2015 · We’re done. “People only like him because he’s popular, or because he can sing. “Well it was his fault,” you muttered to yourself. He was a member of BTS, he had the love and support of his family, friends, and the ARMY. bts bts scenarios bts reactions bts reacts bts rapmonster bts jin bts suga bts jhope bts v bts jimin bts jungkook kim namjoon kim seokjin min yoongi jung hoseok park jimin jeon jeongguk 111 notes Jan 17th, 2016 You wanted to jerk him off, taking pity on him, but when you began reaching back for his cock, Jungkook growled in disapproval and suddenly draped himself back over your body. He’s treated you badly and you broke up with him. ~Italy~ I walked into the house. So he tells her in hopes she’ll give him a chance but knowing how much of a fuck boy he is she rejects him. Also, both admins don’t like the idea of glorifying cheating, this is why the reader breaks up with them/ confronts them. 2] [pt. Your heart was telling you to trust him, to believe the genuine sound of his voice while your brain was telling you to question his words, his faithfulness towards you. ” He cringed, relieving the feeling again. Part of you wanted to forgive him, but part of you wanted to stay angry. Initially, he wasn’t concerned that you were cheating on him but when he told the other members that you always snuck out late and came home tired, they assumed you were cheating right away. You took slow steps looking around for him. 18 Jan 2018 Kim Namjoon Warning: Angst and a little fluff You and your boyfriend to do with BTS and Monsta X (I have evolved into my final form) for scenarios, you asked him this time making yourself sound smaller, less confident. I don’t get it, Y/N. BTS Reaction: You telling them that you’re a lesbian. take this instead. Couldn’t care less (o4. BTS reactions to your nightmare in which they die. You thought that you already accepted the fact but you felt your heart fall out of your chest when you heard him say the words you’ve been dreading to hear. -Amelia. Neither of you had damaged the other. A/N: We made these unnecessarily long. “You’re really gross, Y/N. You decided to hear him out at least. i couldn’t update pining cuz i was so busy today with exams. ” You snorted, “Would you be so kindly to tell me. The sound of you yelping, woke him up and when he felt his head on something unusual he instantly shot himself back up and looked around his surroundings. I’m and idiot, a douchebag an asshole. I’ve got no reasons to like him. Two weeks passed since he broke your heart into pieces. 0 Recommended for you GOT7 Mark when he cheated on you and regrets it. You’d been blind and naive the first time he had broken your heart, but not the second time. ” Several years prior to dating Jeong-sun, Yoongi had a six month relationship with a white Korean girl who cheated on him (can be read here) & (Jeong-sun finds out about her here) and two weeks before meeting Jeong-sun, he has a one night stand with the singer Shin Suran . Jhope- As you and Jhope were going to get some coffee before heading to dance practice for your duet, you saw your ex- boyfriend looking at you and start walking to you. ” “If crazy is what you like, then I’m your girl!” Originally posted by jung-koook ↻ BTS 풌풊풎 풕풂풆풉풚풖풏품 ↳ amour (f) summary: baking with taehyung (and your unborn child) can a bit disastrous. ” Namjoon didn’t even hesitated to blurt out. 49 times while making it. “Go!” Yoongi lets out a deep breathe and clenches his jaw. Rap Monster- Namjoon started sta Read When you caught BTS cheating at you from the story BTS Random Scenarios [OPN4RQSTS] by senpoitato (Felipe) with 25,594 reads. You get up to sit on your bed. BTS - Complete Masterlist. part 2/2 previous Several years prior to dating Jeong-sun, Yoongi had a six month relationship with a white Korean girl who cheated on him (can be read here) & (Jeong-sun finds out about her here) and two weeks before meeting Jeong-sun, he has a one night stand with the singer Shin Suran . you try to talk with them (jimin and ur bfriend) but jimin get angry and yelled at you, he said hurtful things to you. Every time you said that you ‘don’t care’ he acts like you ‘never cared. hoseok: "oh god, you feel so good,” hoseok groaned in pleasure. After you actually beat him there would be lots of complaining on his part, mostly about how you “cheated” your way through. "Bella? Is that-a you?" I heard a voice call. “No! Not until you tell me why you’re being a bitch towards me for no reason!” He argued back, his hold getting tighter. ∙ When you find out they cheated on you ∙ When you want him back bts scenarios bts scenarios scenario fanfic bts fanfic masterlist suga jin jungkook jk v Let Me Breathe ft Jimin. ” “Hm,” you hummed lightly, and nodded your head quickly at him as if to say hello. Nov 22, 2019 · 25 Best Songs About Cheating If You Need To Cry Your Eyes Out. Gertrude also explains her husband Fred's activities; he operates a meat Irene finds him to be a well-built and somewhat pleasant man, but is (on account of the awkward scenario she sets for Irene and Gertrude Martin). it just happened. 27 Dec 2019 He recommended Russia be banned from athletic competition, which it duly was by the IAAF. Fans automatically assume the worst. Originally posted by Yoongi is mainly over-protective of you, which is why he is always with you, but he wouldn’t go as far as stalking or following you everywhere unless he thought you were going somewhere dangerous for your safety(as long as you tell him where you’re going he is pleased). one night, you, jimin, and her had dinner together and he ignore you. Jan 12, 2016 · bts: reaction for when they realize their partner cheated on them with your own partner, leaving you two alone. x reader bts x you bts x army bts x y/n bts scenarios bts imagines You felt confused yourself and decided to go to the park. “That’s gonna drive the fangirls nuts. “p-please, go harder mommy, you feel so good,” his eyes were glazed over in pleasure. You slowly released yourself from his hold and regarded him with glassy eyes wide in wonder, mouth slightly agape. It's Okay, That's Love is a 2014 South Korean television series starring Jo In-sung , Gong That guilt leads him to develop obsessive-compulsive disorder. ’ Every time he says ‘I love you’ you acts like he has had never stopped loving you. You yelped as you thought it was something dead that collapsed onto you, but when you recognized its dark hair and charming face, you let out a relieved sigh when you realized it was just Jimin. It could’ve been a normal day for Min Yoongi, but sadly it wasn’t. pt 1 Yn gets cheated on by her boyfriend and Jungkook just happens to see. Of course, he had cheated on you. He would think that you were  15 Jun 2016 He Thinks You Cheated On Him With Someone From Monsta X (BTS) I thought I would post a reaction before I go on vacation for you guys. BTSimagines Tv 22,592 views. Choi Ho's colleague at the TV station and the girl he's been cheating on Hae-soo " Zo In Sung, Kong Hyo Jin and More Gear Up for It's Ok, It's Love in BTS Photos". -Spice. ” Dawon asked you after you had entered the black van, which was taking you to the award show. Begging me to stay. But in the moment. ” he said to you, and pointing to Jin before walking out, slamming the door so hard the house shook. and Fuck you. You let out the sound as you always do, and didn’t even think about it, but then you heard him chuckling. Have you talked to him?” (Jin would be the sensible one that tries to make this work out. don’t catch feelings, and you did. You regretted going. WARNING: angst, a mention of pregnancy termination (you’ll probably need to squint really hard to find it) Yoongi: He finds out through a butt dial when you’re talking to your mom at dinner and immediately calls back when the call cuts off. I wanted to focus on their reactions to the pregnancy more so than getting back together, I mean they broke up for a reason right. Seokijn You ended the call with Yoongi, not sure why you agreed to see him. However, they did have their moments  14 Jan 2020 He was too overpowered, so IceFrog shut him in a small black room for a long time before letting him out). ’ My reply lacks any emotion. Taehyung would ask you to forgive him many times before he told you what happened, holding onto you for dear life as he spilled. You could apologize to him, and make excuses, but it wouldn’t matter because he’d be too hurt and he would want NOTHING to do with it. You didn’t need much, just Jimin and the love you see in movies. BTS reaction to your ex wanting you back. ooooooh pretty dramatic! Thanks for the request anon, this was a lot more fun to write than I expected. But the first time he was quite surprised and keep asking if you truly were okay. you really mad at him and want to break up, but he regret it. But don't be afraid to ask for other groups if I can't I'll tell you. i wrote it sometime last year and decided to post it since i’m no longer on hiatus! (note: this took such a long time so atm there’s only 4/7 - if you want rm, hoseok & jin then let me knowwwwww ( ´ ω ` )) either way i’m glad you liked it <33333333333 - Admin Zizi tagged » admin zizi · ^^ · anon · bts · bangtan · bts scenarios · bangtan scenarios · You Attempt Suicide After An Argument (Pt. “I… felt a little cheated. Two weeks of pain, also two weeks passed since you got out of your apartment. “I did it this time… But you just wanted one year with your boyfriend. Original ‘straight’ BTS fanfictions, scenarios, lists and fan art by Admin M and Admin N. 1. Seokjin: You awoke him as your legs kicked underneath the blankets and once he was fully awake he could hear your small whimpers. scenario: You have been seen with a guy. ” Mar 25, 2017 · Anon asked: Can I get a bts reaction to when they cheat on you but later find out you’re pregnant . Her whole body was turned to face him while you stared at her back. You lifted your hand and slapped him across the face. “That was the plan. ‘___, please! I made a mistake! I’m sorry!’ He says between sobs. BTS Scenario's! I'm only doing BTS requests for scenarios, AU's, reactions, and ships, sorry! time she cheated or yelled at him with false accusations of cheating Can you Please make a BTS reaction when their s/o really want to cuddle and they’re too shy to ask but the boys sorta figures it out that they wanna cuddle? pleease and thank youuu For ANON Hope you like it illi Gifs are not mine Namjoon You’ve been chilling on the couch for quite a while now, he was working with his computer on some new track while you were watching tv. It feels as though he doesn’t feel the way you feel about him. You and your boyfriend Jin went out to a bar to have some fun. Hoseok. BTS Mafia Reaction: When you run away with their child after finding out they cheated on you ||| Requested by anon ||| Jin/Kim Seokjin. Jin: Heartbroken that you cheated on him while he was away. kim namjoon: yandere scale: 7/10 Namjoon: The fact that you always seemed to come home from your late night outings exhausted was… worrying to him to say the least. Bts member decides to hire an actress to kiss him as you walk in the door. Part 3, Here. Maybe in fact, you were too good 박지민 | Jimin Imagines by bangtanfamfic. 7 Mar 2018 Jungkook's list of the most handsome to the least - BTS,Celeb,“Am I how do you think Jungkook, the youngest of BTS, think of his bandmates? When Jimin picked him as the most handsome, his bandmates protested. I’m gonna change it to any language instead of just Portuguese~ hope you don’t mind! BTS: Reaction to you speaking your native language ♥Jin: Don’t get him wrong, he found it adorable that you were confident with your first language and he didn’t mind listening to the conversations you had with your mom, but when your attention drifted off of him for too long he’d get irritated. He’d stare at the picture on the phone. You broke up over his way of reaction to the false assumption. “I cheated about the date I was coming to see you, not on you” you explained, gently wiping his tears before hugging him like your life depended on it. He tried to stop the tears from forming but he was devastated. There was a much bigger surprise waiting for you there… that was for sure. “Because you cheated on me! You kissed that wine lady! You called me a bitch! You said you would live with her and leave me and my baby alone! So I left you and I fainted on the street and you didn’t even care! You, careless idiot cold hearted bastard. ” you spat, pointing towards the staircase. 22 Jan 2018 Rm: When Namjoon caught you with bed with Jin it broke him you tried apologizing to Namjoon but he didn't want to hear anything from you he  25 Aug 2018 BTS scenario → drunkenly cheating on you during tour. 26 Feb 2019 BTS reacting to a false rumor about you cheating spreading. please can we talk about this…” you whispered. 3 You couldn’t stop replaying the conversation, seeing his expression as you walked out of the door. He would give you space while he thinks what to say to you because finding you afterwards is a piece of cake. You gave up everything for him. “Huh? Babe He hadn´t cheated on you and you hadn´t cheated on him. ” Jungkook closed his menu. You quickly stand up and open the door for him when he knocks. ) Suga: “Break up with him. He cheated once maybe even more, who knows if he’ll do it again. He showed you the video the day before, happy about how proud of him you were. ” Giving him one last look, you stomped inside your house. - Amelia. Originally posted by trippingeye-floodedlungs They knew really well you loved travelling and road trips would have became your dailiness if you had enough time for this. You flinched, and reached for him. Genre : Fluff. He’d tell you that he’s done with the relationship, and he’s not willing to continue it. “So you know what you did. After he’d cheated on you twice, and had promised over and over again that he would change, you’d had enough of him. You loved him with all your heart but lately. You think he is going to say  8 Jun 2017 Suga/Min Yoongi: He is definitely more confrontational than Jin, and I think he will just straight up ask you if you're cheating on him, and tell  14 Feb 2018 They cheat on you Request: Can you do a BTS reaction to them cheating on I also made this a scenario since it's really coming from the reader's perspective. He would just look at the ground, feeling really betrayed and upset. But at the same time, the more I thought about this Requested by anon. BTS reaction to you picking them up at the bar A/N: I’m back from camp, and have been sleeping for two days straight. “I love you both so much” you said happily. You deserve someone who treats you as if you’re their whole world. So, Jin began carefully planting seeds in your mind, seeds of hatred against Namjoon- seeds of  10 Nov 2017 if you cheat on your bf with a girl that's still cheating. junghoseok, bts, btsimagines. It has been a month since you You smile to yourself and think about ways to surprise him; it had been a while since you’ve last visited him at the dance studio, and the other members as a mater of fact. Almost didn’t sleep for a week because of the midnight sun (literally the sun is A/n: I thought it would be pretty fucking funny to pair up bts with some of the ridiculous things trump has said… after painlessly sifting through too many quotes I’ve complied these onesss. He also made sexual jokes which netizens did not take it lightly. we HAVE to talk. Rap Monster: When you told him that you were pregnant, Namjoon would feel even more devastated than he already did for cheating on you. That's right, Britney elicited this anger from Justin after she reportedly cheated on him with her choreographer, Wade Robson. Masterlist. Suga / Yoongi : You and him got in an argument when you yell, “Well then why don’t you just date BTS reacting to your partner cheating on you (his best friend and crush) with his partner. summary: after your ex cheated and broke your heart, you never thought you could love again. You loved him. However he didn’t want to part ways and he’s been miserable. Also, expect him to dropping more compliments <3. “that’s it, you’re such a good boy hoseok, so good for me. Jimin: You tow had been dating for a long time, and hearing you make those sounds when mad or stressed wasn’t something new to him, ha was used to it by now. ↳ lumina 01 / 02 (f) (m) summary: love is a journey - one you’re happy to take with kim taehyung. He couldn’t ask for anything else, yet he lost you. part 1/2? an; idk what this is honestly. If you wanted to share them with him, you would. He doesn’t care about you. 2) . kim namjoon: yandere scale: 7/10 Mar 25, 2017 · Anon asked: Can I get a bts reaction to when they cheat on you but later find out you’re pregnant . okay so check this out: hoseok and you had been fuck buddies for some time and you basically broke rule number 1. But, you never expected him to betray Jungkook and kidnap you. but when you did, it went exactly as how you’d expect one to go, he ran away You did not want to overwhelm or suffocate him so you gave him some space. “Why?” ♡ bts as boyfriends [ seokjin ] “- pairing: seokjin x reader - warnings: fluff with a bit of smut which has been made clear, please skip past if this makes you uncomfortable! - a/n: this one goes out Scenarios Masterlist Fics: After Midnight (Smut- Jay Park x Jackson x Jaebum x OC) Chapters: 1, 2 Just Sorry? (Smut- Threesome JBxJacksonxOC) Chapters: 1, 2, 3, 4 Apr 08, 2019 · The two of them encased Hoseok in a hug, in an effort to comfort him. So you’d kicked him out. Yoon Though you had beautiful qualities inside, he knew you just weren't the one for him. 9 of 14. BTS Reaction To: You Wear Just Their T-Shirt And Panties Around Them (M) seokjin: The loud snores sounding from your mouth were a complete contrast to your seductive nap-wear. Don’t forget to apply to be admin if you would like to. You stare at him for a few seconds before he brushes past you, not saying a word, and goes and sits on a couch in the living room. When you never had a boyfriend/ first kiss and they tease you but end up confessing : #finally made one! #masterlist #bts fake texts #bts scenarios #bts texts #seokjin #yoongi #hoseok #namjoon #jimin #taehyung #jungkook #bangtan #kpop texts The both of you were studying the menu, figuring what dishes you want to order. pairing: bts x reader for the first time since he came, you looked him in the eye. I apologize for any mistakes. “Jagi, I know I messed up. V x You Scenario Genre: Angst Warnings: nonemaybe the feels will come? idk lol part [one] - [two] Here is the last part to “Because of You”. BTS Reactions - You find out they have cheated *Sorry for the lack of updates, i’m obviously keeping up the ‘First Time series’ I just wanted to do a reaction* Kim Namjoon:“Hey guys, um, do you happen bts bts scenarios bts fluff bts smut bts fan fiction bts fanfics bts rated bts fanfics rated m bts rm bts jin bts suga bts j-hope bts jimin bts v bts jungkook rm jin suga j-hope jimin v jungkook k-pop bts fics bts rated m bts x oc bts x reader bts x you bangtan sonyeondan kpop Dec 8, 2013 - When you cheat on him EXO scenarios | kpop scenarios Stay safe and healthy. You don’t see the point of getting back together. Jungkook Scenario : You Find Him Cheating on You Pt. 2 [pt. 9 Apr 2018 At the time, he was seen answering questions given to him with vulgarities. bts bangtan bangtan boys bangtan sonyeondan bts reactions bts jin bts v bts jimin bts jungkook bts jhope bts suga bts rap monster exo exo reactions exo sehun exo suho exo baekhyun exo chanyeol exo [Jeongguk though you cheated on him. You had been dancing with him for a while when Jin leaned in to talk to you. Originally posted by jimiyoong. After about an hour of playing, you finally win. happy end please?💕 sorry for my bad BTS Reaction to cheating on you Part 2 I wanted to write a Part 2 to it and the same was requested by @delunalovegoodstuff , so thanks for requesting, I took some liberties here, nonetheless, I hope You blinked away the tears that formed when you thought about Yoongi and how he had risked his life for you, how he had died for you. Instantly, you get off Jungkook, rushing to grab  29 Aug 2017 You stood by him, supporting him on his decision to leave everything and everyone he loved to become a trainee. You saw a familiar backview pushing a girl in the swing. To cuddle with him when he’s sleeping on the cou i don't feel like this one is as good as my first but oh well it's difficult to come up w/ 7 different scenarios on the same topic in my defense anyway I hope you guys enjoy this one too bts bts park jimin bts kim taehyung bts jeon jungkook bts jimin bts taehyung bts jungkook park jimin kim taehyung jeon jungkook bts scenarios bts angst You thought there was something odd about how keen he was to show you, so you watched intently. Kick me punch me just please come back to me. Bts Scenarios He Rejects You Tumblr Originally posted by lavender-kills Seokjin SeokJin wouldn’t know what to say it at first. Jun 29, 2016 · Posts about bts v scenarios written by suebts. Bts Scenarios He Rejects You Tumblr. He was the only thing on your mind and you hated it so much. You loved him, honestly. “You must be crazy to want to be a wrestler. Your Taehyung could definitely be greedy when it came to the affection you gave him. Such a contrast that Jin found himself ignoring these deafening noises, biting his lips at what was displayed in front of him. 1x era, IceFrog made . “And don’t wait this time. Warm hug award goes probably to him, cmon. After awhile of waiting for him to show up you decided to call him. 5 Part 1, HERE. This is like a mini scenario/reaction. Sighing, you begin to cook dinner as a new track list plays. BTS Reaction: They find out you were cheating I dislike angst so so much :( Seokjin: “I just. Jimin: He would be really shocked seeing you with someone that wasn’t him. ” Taehyung stared into BTS Reaction To: You Wear Just Their T-Shirt And Panties Around Them (M) seokjin: The loud snores sounding from your mouth were a complete contrast to your seductive nap-wear. Dec 14, 2017 - Explore shaneonmeee's board "BTS Scenarios" on Pinterest. She lies to him about you and tells him that your cheating on him he ends up braking up with you but when the rest of the members get involved Jaebum sees that you never cheated on him or lie to him. Your heart ached, it felt so empty without Yoongi and Jimin. You glared up at him and wretched your wrist out of his hold. ‘You’re only sorry you got This was deleted. You started to go out with him and found his personality to fit yours very well. BTS Reaction | They cheat Request; when they tell you that they cheated on you while on tour (drunk) [[MORE]]Kim Namjoon Namjoon would only be able to bring himself to apologise repeatedly after V: You’ve been friends for awhile now and you guys are just playing Call of Duty in your living room, just chilling. Initially, he wasn't concerned that you were cheating on him but when he told the other members that you always  9 Jul 2016 Namjoon; You would call him telling him about your boyfriend cheating on you, As you're crying and sobbing down the phone he'd sit up  Read ~He Cheats Part 2~//Hyung// from the story BTS Preference Book by SheIsTheWriter (MeganJustine) with 829 reads. When you tell him how insecure you’ve been feeling, he tries his best to make you happy again. You weren’t there to give him morning kisses in bed, even when he told you to stop. He wants to make sure you’re comfortable with yourself. Read He cheats on you/ You break up from the story BTS Preferences by 00HWANG (🥀) with 20,864 reads. When you two were just oozing out the cheesiest phrases and words from the top of your heads, you would be laughing, smiling, and joking together. Mar 31, 2016 · BTS scenario: When they cheat on you This was a sad request, it was difficult to write about such a difficult subject. ” He smirked. Thanks internet. He calmly sat your phone. 1] [p. Nov 06, 2015 · You met him on a coffee shop where the both of you were daily costumers, he kept looking at you from his seat while drinking his morning coffee for a couple of days until one morning when he came up to you and asked if it’s okay to sit with you, the boy is gorgeous so you accepted. I love you. •Jungkook thinking you cheated on him• Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3 bts bts texts bts scenarios bangtan bangtan boys bangtan texts bangtan boys texts jungkook jeon jungkook BTS Reaction | They cheat Request; when they tell you that they cheated on you while on tour (drunk) [[MORE]]Kim Namjoon Namjoon would only be able to bring himself to apologise repeatedly after He’d know what it was as soon as he saw it and respects that it carries your private thoughts. Can you please make it intense and sweet at the same time😀 Of course, now that you weren’t around Yoongi, the worry that you would get attached too soon, too fast was just as strong as it had been before you had met him. I searched most of the pictures up on Google (credits to the amazing people who did them) & not all are that easy to read but I hope you will still manage to do so. You ignored his pleas and cries, feeling your heart break when he continued to beg you to not leave him, but after struggling with his strong form, you managed to push him out of your apartment before shutting the door right on his face. BTS reacting to you (his gf) carressing his thigh So, after a while, I am here with a new reaction!:) ( omg this one is so bad, I hope you can forgive me haha) Are you all so excited for the comeback Aug 19, 2017 · It’s his loss. Namjoon. He came over to your house around 3:00pm, ready to just hang out, when your ran up to him, hands behind your back. funny, suga, jhope. Okay, so here we go with another reaction, I am so so so sorry for making you wait so long, I feel like such a bad person but I rarely get on the PC to go on tumblr anymore: “Jungkook-ah…” You didn’t know what to say to him. He didn’t want to pry any; he honestly didn’t think he could remain calm if he saw anymore. Then things started getting intense and it became a full out Call of Duty war. To you, this was going to be the most exciting moment of your life. Now, you were standing before him, those three words swirling  4 Mar 2017 scenario: You have been seen with a guy. Part 4, HERE. pairing: michelle | 23 | kpop reader imagines | requests are closed. - nomnomsik . I’m sorry if the ending is Jimin has always appreciated it though. Prank (Jungkook Scenario) Paring : Jungkook / You (female). Originally posted by yoongbeans. He might even come to you in tears when he came to tell you. Jungkook - Jungkook I can see beating himself for days after this incident. “Are you comfortable? Do you want something to drink?. He’d pretend he’s annoyed but in all honesty he loves seeing you smile all the time so you getting happy that you won is enough to make him feel like the real winner. You’re smart, beautiful and all the good things in life. Bts member decides to hire an actress to kiss him as you walk in  1 Jul 2017 worrying to him to say the least. No doubt you two were the power couple and the fact that you two were so companionable, it was unbelievable. ” You point your finger at him as you huff. One day when you came back from work, you found Namjoon sitting on the couch near your balcony, his face buried in his hands. But he didn’t want to make a fuss. Also, he’s not about the drama. bts jimin’s angst scenarios, please? when he get closer with ur bestfriend (female) and you got jealous. 21:47 Imagine | In A Fight With Your Boyfriend Jeon Jungkook - Duration: 7:46. jimin: i think he would think it was cute that you were squeezing his hand through the pain of cramps, i think he would be trying hard not to smile as he got up to get you something for the pain and you whined that you needed him to come back and cuddle with you. Worried you rushed towards him and patted his back, asking him if he was alright. You supported him when his  29 Jun 2018 That you should only give your affection to him. Please just give him one more chance,” you heard Jeongguk’s voice crack and opened your eyes to see tears streaming down his face as well. Jimin was innocent and pure and it piqued your interest in him. 1/2/ /4 Gone Pt. It took Jimin a good few seconds to take in what was happening – then wrapping his arms tightly around you and hiding his face in the crook of your neck. However, your moans were usually muffled in his broad shoulders so when you moaned his name loudly enough for your flatmate to hear, his breath caught and new feeling came over him. BTS: he cheats on you [ pt. 2] Request [open/closed]: Yes [open] Masterlist // Hyung Line // Maknae Line. I myself have suffered with anorexia and depression before and it sucks. Please come back to me, I will treat you right. Internally he would scream, believe me. 3 End] The more I thought about him, the more I couldn’t stop my tears from falling. BTS - Jin - Where he cheated on you and tries to get you back (Angsty with bad ending) After you left him he sends you texts and snaps non stop, apologizing and trying to get you back over and over. ) Synopsis: He didn’t get it. ‘you should have thought about this before you cheated on me. Please practice hand-washing and social distancing, and check out our resources for adapting to these times. “I love you, I love you so much that it hurts. Part 2, HERE. 22 Feb 2018 An idea came up in your head, and you quickly went to the nearest store and bought him a cute teddy bear with some candy, heading towards his  17 Feb 2018 He opens his mouth to respond but you don't let him. You knew you were stupid for staying with him, but you were still completely head over heels for him. [19:23] Yoongi: Call The innocent you held was his treasure making him love you an easy task. You smiled widely and went to Yoongi, kissing him in the lips. “I’m sorry, I love you. “That would be awesome. btsjin, btssuga, btsscenarios. You hadn’t exactly ended on good terms. And just before you were about to slam the door shut, you swore you heard him merely state, “I’ll always wait. Show Caption. Unless Jeongguk can prove that he deserves a second chance and an ounce of your trust. ” He looked up from the floor, his face puffy and his eyes rimmed red from the tears Jul 27, 2016 · BTS reaction when they see their ex, who they want back, in an elevator Thank you so much for the request I hope you like it <3 J-Hope: *He’d like to start a conversation with you straight away and would ask about how you’ve been and the more he spoke to you the more he would miss you being with him* I hope you guys liked this! Our ask box is always open, so feel free to send in requests for scenarios, texts, reactions and ships! x. Bts reaction-You´re a youtuber and your fans ask you to make a video with them Request: Hi I was wondering if you could do a bts reaction where you are a YouTube and the fans have been asking for them A Little Too Late Part 2 (Min Yoongi) Originally posted by lethargicmin. I really enjoyed this one! Thanks for sending it! Let me know what you think . Pl-Please, believe me. Before he whispered to you, sacred any loud noises would distress you further, “He loves you, you know he does. You told them you were going to come back soon with Baekhyun. You always believed weren’t enough, and there was a time when Taehyung would prove you wrong, but now, he was reinforcing every insecurity you believed about yourself. I know that this is a very serious topic, and I do not take suicide lightly. 1 friends Best Dec 12, 2016 · He would look at you and just shrug, hoping you would get that it was okay to hug him. He just pouts and you give him a hug Jun 19, 2018 · BTS RM Cheated on you with Halsey| BTSimagines Tv - Duration: 21:47. V: What happened l The only think you have to do, is to put the pieces together & form a sentence. it took you some time before you had enough balls to tell him you wanted more than just an orgasm and a few hours. I immediately face-planted onto the couch and groaned. bts, wattys2017, kookie. Comfort was all you could think of because she looked so comfortable laying in his arms, a gesture that didn’t belong to you anymore. ” You felt like you were going to melt, you wanted to give in to him but you knew better. Bff Yoongi asks you on a date after his (ex)gf cheated on him ~~ Send your requests!! yoongi texts suga texts myg bts texts bangtan texts bts bangtan yoongi suga yoongi scenarios yoongi imagines suga scenarios suga imagine bts scenarios bangtan scenarios bts imagine bangtan imagine “Hey,” he’d say. “NO I WILL NOT LOSE!!” yells Taehyung and you just laugh. ”-OJKAUHJHESCUS. As time went by, you felt down unable to find him. Sep 16, 2019 · BTS WORST ACCIDENTS AND CUTE MISTAKES 2018 2019 Love yourself tour edition * BTS is also Humans* - Duration: 9:36. “You shouldn’t be so distracted but I’m happy when you think of me,” you smiled and flirted with him. I know I don’t deserve you, but I can’t help but still be in love with you. You immediately follow him and sit on the couch across from him namjoon: friends, cheat, smoke This is 100% the type of thing Raye would right but since she isn’t an admin anymore, I’ll give it go o: Sorry for the wait, hope you enjoy~- Devi ;3; 0. Before  Read Cheating On You: Min Yoongi from the story notepad ☪ bangtan by merakimin (☽ min ☾) with 4698 reads. You cried and grabbed his hand, pulling him up as you began to shove him towards the door. “Suga. enjoy and pray for me. The only time when you decide to come back home after a shopping session with your friends, you catch him having sex with another girl. Requested by anon : “ bts scenario where you catch jungkook cheating on you with a lamp” A/N : This one was fun to write, I hope you like it. after him, you just couldn’t believe anymore. He’d tell you how much you hurt him, and that he didn’t understand how you could do this, or why. During the 6. He would question it slightly, but believe you. I hurt you, and I can’t ever make that up. After you open the door you look up to see you’re face to face with a stone faced Kai. Rapmon: BTS SCENARIOS: Their S/O Finds Out They Cheated genre: angst ***** K I M S E O K J I N : Let’s say you two were cuddling on the couch. Instead, you and him sat down that night and talked about how to handle the entire situation. Do you want anything?” You nodded and told him what you wanted then watched him head towards the bar. 7 Jan 2020 BTS fans are wondering if V teased 'Map of the Soul: 7' with Jin, Jimin, ARMY Crowned Him the Spoiler King We're all clowns here, ARMY. The findings uncovered a  3 Mar 2020 BTS' "ON" making video is out and the Bangtan Boys worked hard to bring the cinematic treat together. Jungkook Of BTS . - pt. “You kind of get used to any pain after a while, that’s probably quite weird. ” “I cheated on you. Oh well. “I’m gonna go grab a drink. Originally posted by seokjinstae-moved. “If you loved me at all to begin with then you wouldn’t have done what you did, on multiple occasions. ” You went still underneath his arms, and Jimin had a sudden lapse of fear, afraid he overstepped his boundaries. “keep going hobi, tell me what you want,” you gently whispered to him. You decided to dial him up but as always, you were directed to an automatic voice message. He’d run a hand through his hair as he rubbed your back comfortingly, “ I’m sorry… Bff Yoongi asks you on a date after his (ex)gf cheated on him ~~ Send your requests!! yoongi texts suga texts myg bts texts bangtan texts bts bangtan yoongi suga yoongi scenarios yoongi imagines suga scenarios suga imagine bts scenarios bangtan scenarios bts imagine bangtan imagine “Hey,” he’d say. You rarely answer and when you do it`s to tell him that you can`t forgive him and that he should stop texting you. If you’re upset with him but don’t have the fortitude to bring it up he doesn’t give a damn if you’re having a meltdown in your diary about something he did. “I told you, I’m a better gamer than you. Originally posted by nochujungkookie. Mar 30, 2017 - Read 27 from the story BTS Scenarios by chimbby (αníєѕ) with 2,010 reads. One hand holding his weight up on the bed and the other going to rest on your stomach. You pull out your phone from your purse to see that you were receiving a call from Jungkook already. Jin: “What are you doing here?” You ask the boy standing in the doorway, “you told me you were going to be at practice until late so I can pick up my things. Even when you were together with him for two years it felt like it did at the beginning and sometimes you couldn’t really believe that Tae had chosen you to be his girlfriend. Nov 14, 2017 · To Jungkook you’re just a girlfriend. It was probably the only chance you got to see him again, ever. And once when it was deleted. His heart ached. Jeongguk thought you cheated on him, turns out you haven’t. Current Mood/Energy: I believe BTS made a comeback not long ago which can explain why Jungkook is feeling so tired lately. Comfort. Q: How would BTS react if you (their friend) got cheated on by her/his boyfriend? Jin: “Sometimes, we misunderstand situations. You stared at the three men, already feeling the pleasure of their pain. Don’t waste your time on scumbags like him. Then you went to Namjoon and hugged him tight, giving him long kiss. Initially, you were irked and annoyed by him, but when you saw how shy he was to meet you, it was a totally different experience from the other men who looked you up and down sensually. He would be sad at the thought that you had cheated on him even though you hadn’t. I had to plant a tree. “The restaurant you asked me to order from was closed, so I just got you-” And that was it. bts scenario: they cheat on you this is a request i got a super long time ago. Burying your face into the pillow in your arms, you let out a single cry before looking back up at the ceiling of the room. Originally posted You sighed as your body hit the bed, darkness engulfing the room and you felt tears roll down your face once more - tears you hadn’t realised you had been holding in. ’ I close up my bag and push my way passed him and head to the front door with him trailing close behind me. He lost the one thing that gave his life actual meaning, the one thing who truly understood everything he went through, because just like him you were broken. 21 Nov 2017 You hear him this time, and turn to watch him run back out of the room, tears falling from his eyes. Jin- he’d be less into it and more nervous and anxious, sitting in the corner booth of a restaurant he’d want to focus on his food but with your hand around his cock he’d be shifting and readjusting and sucking on his bottom lip to hold back any sounds and when he’d cum it bts react to you being needy on your period. Jungkook cheated on you Send your requests!! bts bts texts bts fake texts bts text bts messages bts scenarios bangtan bangtan fake texts bangtan texts bangtan text bangtan messages bangtan scenarios jjk jjg jk nochu bts jungkook bts jeongguk jungkook jeongguk jeon jungkook jeon jeongguk jungkook texts jungkook fake texts jungkook text jungkook Kpop Scenarios (Request are open) I will do reactions and scenarios for bigbang, vixx, got7, monstax, bap and bts groups I know really well. You saw A pretty girl smile at him and of course he smiled back. “Oh my,” you said teasingly, turning to him. Those aren’t reasons to like someone. Seokjin: “Robert Pattinson should not take back Kristen Stewart. Kim Taehyung: Taehyung dragged you to your bedroom before pushing you softly onto your bed. I don’t want to lose you. Yoongi sighed before wrapping his around both of you, “Stop crying, everyone. When he tried to hug you, you stepped out of his reach and said, "Close your eyes~" He did so and you put the new game in his hands You were dragging yourself into your bedroom, assuming that Jin probably went to the dorms to vent about what he had done to you to the boys; You were going to do him a favor and pack up his stuff so he can move into the dorms, but you didn’t show any emotion when you saw him sitting on the foot of the bed, his elbows on his knees, his broad Mar 31, 2016 · BTS scenario: When they cheat on you This was a sad request, it was difficult to write about such a difficult subject. TACookie XOXO 2. ” He laughs, causing you to laugh with him. You place the spoon you were holding on the stove and lower the music a Pairing: Jeon Jungkook x M!reader Trigger warning: Angst, cursing from reader, JK getting told off Was it worth it? Intro Memories: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 Present “Namjoon! Look what you did! Let go of me!” (Y/n) yelled at him and struggled to get out of his hold. ” I looked at him at this point, wanting to laugh in his face when he told me that he still loves me. TRIGGER WARNINGS. all men are the same… but what if it was possible to create the perfect man for you? - - - - - - - - - - - read here! Once you explained to him that you just saw a bed you passed out and didn’t realize someone else was in the bed with you. ↳teeth (m) summary: the one where you attempt to take charge, but taehyung quickly shows you where your place is. You suck. You looked at him Heyyyy there Can you do bts reacting to you moaning their name loud during sec Jin : Making you moan was not a new occurrence. bts scenarios when you cheated on him

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